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Geting Together with College Friends

July 28, 2013, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Geting Together with College Friends

Because of all the new social media sites that are available online, there are not a lot of people that are having reunions for college or high school anymore. Instead, if people want to get together, they may start a group on one of the social networking sites and invite all those people that fall under their graduating class. I did this last week and had a great time. One of my old boyfriends is a millionaire who got started working with his own seo london where he was able to start working for a few people at a time. Once word got out that he was doing very well in this business, other clients began to pass around his name and business and he went from working on his own to having a team of twenty in just under five years. He is not married and I thought that maybe we would be able to spark something new. I found out that he had been thinking of me the entire time we were apart.

I was so glad that the networking on social media would be able to bring all of my friends and I close together. The group was saddned to hear that a friend of ours who graduated a few years before us was laid off from his job in IT. My friend who owned his many internet companies wanted to find out his information so that he would be able to possibly meet with him and offer him a job. Within five minutes, he was chatting on the chat application offered by one of the networking sites. It is amazing to me that people can now find each other on the internet and that it could actually change their lives in more ways than they thought possible.

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