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Reaching out to Your Audience

April 9, 2013, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Reaching out to Your Audience

Health Matters in San Francisco :: Better health through communityAny successful business knows that they need to reach their audience and customers in many different ways; sometimes this means even reaching out to those you may not have considered before. You've got to learn to network yourself in a wide variety of ways; this does not mean just accessing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on - no, you need e-mail lists you can send out, you need targeted marketing solutions on a wide scale such as http://www.quantumpostcards.com/. This is a great site that I have personally used a number of times to help reach a broader audience. I don't look at any targeted marketing as a failure if it does not reach the target goals - it is sometimes difficult to project how many people will be reached by numbers alone.

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