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SEO is Needed for Even the Smallest Online Businesses

April 2, 2015, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on SEO is Needed for Even the Smallest Online Businesses

Even a very small family business that has an online presence could benefit from good SEO services. People are very busy, and they have a tendency to go for the big retail stores thinking they will get a better deal. Whether you have a local shop with walk-in customers, or strictly an online ordering business, good SEO will make your neighbors aware of your presence. We got our seo services in kent. It helped us get to the top of the page rankings for our type of business and relevant search terms. This was especially true for any locals looking for what it is we sell.

Before we got our web domain updated with proper SEO, it was the big retail stores in the city that came back in the search engine results when you looked for something local to where we are at. That was annoying since we are right here and ready to serve the community. We have been for decades. The people who have lived here for a long time all know about us. Many of them shop here. However, a lot of the new tenants in the local villages have not heard of us. We carry the products they want at the prices they want to pay. Still, the big stores were taking our marketshare because they had better SEO.

The place where we got our SEO services in Kent helped us fix our entire domain. Every page was updated to make it much more friendly to the search engines doing the indexing as well as the customers who were visiting. Within a couple of weeks our domain began to supplant the big retail stores to a lower ranking. We were up there close to number one in the search engine rankings. It was not long after that when customers were coming in and telling us how they just found us and wished they knew about us sooner. People are searching online for the businesses they want to shop at. Where is yours in the online rankings?

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