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Starting My Own Business Locally

August 17, 2013, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Starting My Own Business Locally

Computer Generated Solutions’ INSIGHT 2012 Event Brings Together ...I have decided to start my own hair salon. I am planning to do nails too. I looked into using a las vegas seo company to get my shop available to people who would most want to use it. I have always done hair for my friends and family and then I stated doing it for other people. Friends of friends would come to me wanting me to do their hair too.a

I was working out of a home shop for awhile. I set up a trailer on my property and set up the salon in there. This is helpful because now I already have all of the equipment that I need as well as the supplies. I just need to move them into the new business space at the complex. That means most of my expenses are already out of the way since utilities are covered in the lease.

All I have left then is advertising. I will advertise in the papers and online and hope the SEO will help get people to my site. I am also considering advertising on the local TV.

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