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Starting on My Last Semester at College

September 4, 2013, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Starting on My Last Semester at College

FireShot-Screen-Capture-008-Social-Irony-a-social-media-marketing ...I am finally about ready to get started on the final semester in college. My main focus in learning about marketing strategies for the modern world. Of course it is silly to try to learn how to create viral videos and that sort of internet sensation, but it is something that you can try to do in some ways. I am thinking about something that businesses do not often consider. That is making something fun and exciting. Of course the idea is not entirely new or even the least bit novel. They always want to associate their products with the great things in life. No one wants their product to be associated with sorrow, death and burdensome taxation. You want it to be youthful, exciting, and fun. Of course everyone in the world knows that the girl in the bikini is not going to jump them because they drink the right soft drink or beer.

I am thinking more of puzzles and games, a rewards program that is based in getting people to use codes from the product packaging to do something on the internet. Instead of just having codes that you use to get prizes I am thinking that you can use the codes as the pieces in a game. You would perhaps play against others and it would be something that was social. For instance it could be played either by yourself or collectively. Of course the idea is all very nascent, but I think that it has real merit in truth. You can not really expect that there will always be the same sort of bland ads. If you involve people in the process of marketing, then it becomes something much more. It becomes interactive and social. It is something that we could fine tune into something bigger or smaller.

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