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The Evolution of Video Advertising

July 1, 2016, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Evolution of Video Advertising

One format of advertising that everyone is familiar with is TV commercials. They are probably the most familiar form of outstream video ads there is. However, the Internet has made this form of marketing change over the years. TV ads used to be quite a bit more polished, and they stuck to some rather rigid formats. The Internet video generation has altered the landscape of how videos are used in advertising. The video sites predominately show amateur videos. These began with the video cameras of the 1980s that then lead to the television show that depicted the funniest home videos. When sites began to pop up on the Internet that let you pretty much upload any sort of amateur video, the buying public got used to the amateur styles and it began to be used in marketing.

Some companies actually use amateur snippets of video culled from the Internet that have been publicly posted. It has even resulted in some individuals becoming overnight sensations. The old format was the standard 30 second to 1 minute professional video production for commercials that utilized actors as talent and professional voiceover artists as narrators. Commercials may even have had composers, musicians and singers for the jingle used. Now video advertising can be a mix and match of professional and amateur. The ads can be a few seconds ling to several minutes or more. Those ads that you see begin to play when you scroll a webpage are typically short and to the point. Ads where the video is the main revenue generator may be several minutes long and have no way to pause, rewind or fast forward them. Some video ads may play as a short loop.

The original HTML of the World Wide Web was static. Now the movement and sound of full motion video is expected to be seen on every website. The only way this even became possible was through the exponential bandwidth increases home users have experienced in the last decade or so. Back in the early 1980s, Internet speeds were not even fast enough to display high resolution still images without a long download wait time.

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