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Trying to Make My Band a Hit

September 11, 2013, under Uncategorized | Comments Off on Trying to Make My Band a Hit

I've been working on making my band more popular. I've put up some internet as even and lots of videos of us performing. We do a lot of guitar solos and I always enjoy listening to some of the best solos from other bands. The internet can help smaller bands a lot. We are on all the major social sites with photos and video so that people can see it, love it and share.

We play all the local clubs and we try to do some touring when we can. We also have or albums for sale online we still sell some CDs at shows but many times people like to buy the audio file versions instead. This is a good way to make sales long as we do not price them too high then people will try to find a free version instead.

I make sure we avoid getting political in songs. It has often ruined a band for me when they start doing political songs especially if they do not mesh with what I think. I keep our music and lyrics emotional. They are all from the heart so that anyone can relate to them. I also keep a lot of them a little vague so that people can make what they want of them though some do get more specific. We even do a few love songs because people always like those best.

I find music is a great way to make connections with people because it feeds into a more basic level of emotional communication. So songs do not need to be overly intellectual or political to try and impress or influence people. People do not want to be influenced by their music they simply want to feel and experience it. It gives them an escape as well.

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